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GVBC Facebook Page
Gila Valley has set-up a Facebook page to help get information out to all the members.  The page will have administrators that will approve members and comments to the site. 
You can search for the page under 
Gila Valley Baptist Church 
or click the link under the Information/Links page. 
  If you have any questions, please see 
Brenda or Tommye.

Budget and Finance Committee
There will be a quarterly meeting on Tuesday, March 5, at 6:00 PM.  Members are Garrett, Eddy, Clay, Susie, Martha, Beau, and ex-officio members, Deanna and Dan.

Father, help us turn to You with our burdens, trusting Your love and power to write a new story of healing and transformation.

     Gila Valley Baptist Church is supported totally by donations from members and visitors. Each Sunday morning an offering is taken. These offerings are used to support the work of the church. The church operates under a budget that is set each September. All expenditures are approved by the church either through the budget or by designating funds to be spent on certain items.
     Various opportunities are given for people to participate in special offerings throughout the year. Some examples of these are the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering which goes to support missionaries. We may take up special love offerings from time to time to help people in need. Special offerings should be above and beyond our regular giving.  If we take part of our tithe and give it to a special offering, it hurts the budgeted needs of the church.  As members of GVBC, we feel it is our responsibility to meet these financial needs.  And, for us, it is a privilege and a part of our worship.  Guests are certainly free to participate, but we don’t expect it.  That is a personal matter between you and the Lord. 
     A record of donations is kept by the treasurer and sent to the donor each January. In order for the record of donations to be correct, donors must give checks or put cash in an offering envelope and put their name on their envelope.  All giving records are strictly confidential.  2 Corinthians 9:7 “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

Emergency Prayer Chain
Gila Valley Baptist Church has an emergency prayer chain. You can activate the emergency prayer chain 24 hours a day by contacting one of the following: Deanna at h. 535-2437; or Brenda  at church: 535-2977, h. 535-2126; or Eddy  at h. 535-2175. Emergency Prayer Chain Participants: Deanna, Brenda, Eddy, Mary, Janet, DaVonna, Dan & Terri, Anita, KayAnn, Judith, Sheree, John & Janice, Dawna, Jeanne and Doyle & Lana.

Jesus, You are the name above all names, our Savior and Lord. We lift our praise to You as we celebrate Your presence and power in our lives today.

Potluck Lunches:  
The potluck lunches are the first Sunday of each month. 
 Our next potluck lunch will be on, 
  March 3rd 
 immediately after the
 Morning Worship Service.
  Come and share your  favorite food with your Brothers and Sisters in Christ. 
 Plan on participating in the 
fellowship, food and the fun!

Library News
 The Gila Valley Church wants you to Check out the Library! If you are interested in seeing something added to our collection please talk to Terri Grindstaff at  535-4777.  Did you know we have a church library with a wide variety of literature available for you and your family?  There are books by  popular Christian authors, books on spiritual growth, fiction books for kids, teens, and adults!  Tons of movies with Christian values to share with the whole family.  If you are interested in seeing something added to or collection  talk to 
Terri Grindstaff 535-4777.

Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically
This is a video study that focuses on God’s self-revelation in the Bible, helping the believer to apply the descriptions of God to all of life. The Rethinking God Biblically study is centered around a twelve-week workbook and is designed to be used in conjunction with the 13 DVD lessons. Each week the student will work through the workbook (five days per week) in preparation for watching the DVD. Dan will be facilitating the study, during the Sunday Evening Worship Services starting at 6:00 PM here at church. Everyone is invited to attend the class. A workbook will need to purchased (approximately $15 each). 

Marriage Weekend to Remember by
Couples attend Weekend to Remember because they’re ready to invest in their marriage and intentionally move towards oneness. “We help you understand God’s blueprint for marriage so you can create a legacy of greatness”. Detailed information and booking site at 

Marriage: Becoming One
Even though the institution of marriage is present in every culture across the world, it is clear that most of humanity does not know or apply the fullness of God’s wisdom to marriage—they miss the mystery, and all the joy it unlocks! In this issue, we address some of the joys and hard places of pursuing marriage as God intended. Click here to read about Gods inteded marriage for you in Revive Magazine.

Business/Deacons Meetings:  
 All members are encouraged to attend the Business Meetings that are held on the first Wednesday after the first Sunday of the month.  Business meetings begin at 7:00 pm.  The next meeting will be on 
Wednesday, March 6th.
Deacons meet the same night at 6:00 pm.  
The following dates complete 
the next quarter:  
Wednesday,  April 10th and May 8th.

 Missions Offering
The church is accepting offerings for Isaac Bannie, a Liberian evangelist.  This offering will be used by Isaac to feed his orphans and go into the villages and preach.  This will be a continuous giving opportunity. 

(This is Isaac preaching)

Keep living for Him faithfully and waiting patiently for His plan.
Like any organization, a church needs a way to get in touch with its congregation quickly in the event of an emergency or just for quicker, easier form of communication.  Not everyone makes it to Sunday services to hear our announcements or read our bulletin.  DialMyCalls can be used for numerous announcements and to specific groups within the church. Within just a few minutes our entire church family receives a message and becomes immediately informed. As announcements need to be made, will be used.  If you have any questions, visit with Brenda.

Please call to make arrangements to visit with Dan. Dan can be reached at church at 535-2977, home at 535-4777, or on his NEW cell phone at 575-654-2134.  For current church information 

May you be blessed by the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth. 
Psalm 115:15 NKJV

Nursery Workers
If you would like to help in the nursery during the Morning Worship Service, please contact Anita Jackson.

The Power of a Praying Wife/Husband Books
If you desire a closer relationship with your spouse, you will appreciate the life illustrations, encouraging Bible verses, and the assurances of God's promises and power for your marriage.  Stormie Omartian's bestselling The Power of a Praying series (more than 23 million copies sold) is rereleased with fresh new covers and new material to reach a still-growing market of readers eager to discover the power of prayer for their lives. Stormie joyfully inspires you to develop a deeper relationship with your husband/wife by utilizing the amazing power of prayer. This uplifting resource is packed with practical advice on praying for specific areas of your married life, including decision-making, fears, spiritual strength roles, leader, faith and future, and more!  Our church library has a supply of books for you to take.  No need to check them out or return them! 
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